Mazda Service Select

Mazda Service Select Program Mazda Australia has expanded Mazda Service Select across the entire current model range to provide added value and convenience for every customer. Mazda Service Select allows customers to service their car every 10,000km or not longer than 12 months, whichever comes first rather than the previous schedule of every six months or 10,000km.

All Current owners and prospective Mazda customers are also able to view a full list of service prices for all Mazda models via the Mazda website.

With Mazda Service Select, the price of every scheduled service is listed for the life of the vehicle – something not offered by any other manufacturer – meaning customers can be assured of the maximum price they will pay for a service regardless of which Mazda dealer they visit. This approach differs from most other Listed Service Programs which run for only a limited duration and expire at either three or five years. With Mazda Service Select more closely aligning service visits with specific vehicle usage, owners may experience improved value when compared to the current six monthly service schedule. Ensuring that SKYACTIV Technology continues to run at optimum efficiency and the vehicle itself remains safe, the regular inspection of all safety items remains at the core of Mazda Service Select. The innovative service program also includes a yearly service visit for the many Mazda customers that travel less than 10,000km a year.

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